The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Cast On What’s Ahead

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Cast

TVGuide caught up with Nina Dobrev at The CW upfront presentation on Thursday and asked her what she thought about the moment so many fans had been waiting for: Elena’s kiss with Damon.

“I think it was a very beautiful, sort of bittersweet moment that was very short-lived and interrupted by the Queen Bee.” Dobrev says, talking about her character Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine.

Dobrev goes on to praise her evil alter-ego by saying that “Katherine saved the day. She did the first good, selfless thing. She could have run away, but she didn’t, so kudos to Katherine.”

As for what’s in store for season three, TVGuide also caught up with series hotties, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, who shed a little bit of light on what’s ahead for the vampire drama.

Somerhalder, who recently spoke to series co-creator Kevin Williamson, said “it’s going to go back to the sort of psychological, scared, thriller part of it,” which he believes is a good move, as they’ve spent a lot of time in the mythology area this previous season.

“That chapter is closed,” Wesley adds. “Now we can get into the nitty, gritty character work.”

When asked about Stefan’s surprising transformation into his former bad self in the season two finale, Wesley said “I loved it! I love the idea of him doing something different.”

He continued saying, “I think the audience wants it.”

What do you think, Vampire Diaries fans? Are you looking forward to the evil side of Stefan next season? Sound off in the comments!


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