The Event

‘The Event’ To Continue on SyFy?

The Event

NBC's The Event

As soon as NBC announced the cancellation of it’s freshman sci-fi drama series, The Event, series creator, Nick Wauters confirmed that they were looking for ways to continue producing the show.

Today it was announced by Deadline that there are currently talks with SyFy to pick up the serialized show as a mini-series.

Migrating a network show to cable is not easy, though. According to Deadline, discussions are currently being made to see if producing the show for SyFy would be financially possible.

Also according to Deadline, if a mini-series does in fact make it to air and the show performs well in the ratings, there is a great possibility that the cable channel would launch another season of The Event.

There have also been rumors that SyFy may pick up FOX drama, Lock and Key, starring pop star Jesse McCartney. However, no official word has been made, Deadline reported.


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