Britt Robertson Dishes on Her “Secret Circle” Character

In a new video just released by The CW, Britt Robertson talks about her character, Cassie, on The CW’s new witchy drama, The Secret Circle.

Cassie is sent off to live with her grandmother after her mother passes away and she gets introduced to a group of people who tell her all about “this new and exciting part of her life that she had no idea about,” Robertson says. In the words of the show’s villain, Faye (portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin), she’s a “full-blooded, one hundred percent witch.”

“She slowly realizes that her mother was a witch and she has the ancestry of being a witch,” Robertson says.

Even though the show is based upon characters with a supernatural gift, Robertson explains that each character is extremely relatable and real and that audience members will be able to connect with them.

“I think that’s the most exciting part as an audience member, because you sort of get taken into this world that’s so magical and exciting, but it still feels real,” she says.

The Secret Circle premieres Thursday, September 15 at 9 p.m. on The CW.


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