Piper Parabo: “I Felt Like Jason Bourne.”

Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo

The Futon Critic caught up with the stars of USA’s Covert Affairs on Friday, including the drama’s crime-fighting heroine, Piper Perabo.

When asked about shooting on location for the series, Perabo went on to talk about how awesome it was to film in Paris outside of the Louvre. “It was in the morning light and all these French people were going to work in their perfect little outfits and it was perfect.”

She continued saying, “it sounds so dumb, but it [felt] like [you were] in a movie. It was wonderful.”

“I felt like Jason Bourne,” she said when she talked about shooting in Paris with producer Doug Liman, who has worked on the Bourne movies.

On the subject of keeping the emotional connection going with her co-star Christopher Gorham in scenes where they talk over the phone, Perabo says “because of the international traveling and the action sequences, we can’t always be live over the phone and in the beginning of the series, that was really hard, but now that we’re friends and we know each other better, we can call each other and rehearse.”

She says that they “try and work it out so that even on the day when we’re not really talking to each other, we work really hard at keeping the Annie and Auggie connection really strong in those scenes.”

It seems to be working, as fans and critics alike have really started to invest in their will-they-won’t-they dynamic.

One thing that Perabo wishes was that her character, Annie, wasn’t so good at speaking multiple languages. When she started the show, she says she was only supposed to know around five different dialects, but now she says the number is more like fourteen.

“They keep adding them and they’re like ‘you’re so good at it!’ and with the last episode we did, I was speaking Chinese,” she says. ” I sort of wish that I didn’t say I was that good at languages.”

Covert Affairs wraps up its second season on Tuesday, August 9 at 10 p.m. on USA.


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